The 3 products every girl should have in the cupboard

Being beautiful, fit, healthy and just plain stereotypical girly is the crux of female existence. It’s also the biggest pain in the butt because even the most tomboy, don’t-care-what-anybody-thinks girls will still want to look and feel good sometimes. And if you turn to your best friend or mother for advice on how to get […]

Don’t let people rush you into choosing your future: A message to year 12’s

Year twelve can be a massively stressful period for a lot of students and their parents. Trying to zero in on exactly what course or job, where and when. How the heck are you going to afford to live in a flat when you already put the deposit on the Balinese resort for schoolies? What […]

How to convince you friends to do things that are good for them: and why this is not peer pressure.

Sometimes it can be really hard to be that friend who can see what is wrong with everybody else’s life and how easy it would be to fix them. If you could just take over their body for a couple of hours then you could totally have them in a way better position. Take for […]