6 weeks left; it’s time to rally.

Congratulations people. We’ve made it to the end (almost) of what is officially being touted as the year that everything went to shit and back. Well done for making it through. Truth be told, I haven’t hated this year as much as I had anticipated. For every gut punch and slap in the face from […]

The Year Twelve Slump

About halfway through the year, you hit it. The big ditch, the dip the sudden and shocking depletion of your motivation to learn anything ever again. My friends were a major source of motivation through this time and one of them eloquently summed up the slump in this post: “So this time of year, last […]

Dealing with crappy things life throws at you like lemons and loss

I woke up this morning and found out that one of my oldest friends, my first real ‘best friend’ had passed away. I’ll admit I wasn’t shocked. Between my 3rd rate psychic ability and the melanomas, I had sort of come to terms with the fact that it was going to happen. But I prayed […]