Unna-tan-able: A Pale Girl’s Story

Its summer and the Australian sun is beating down on you like Mike Tyson at the end of a throw down. Everyone is laughing, having fun. But you? You’re the one sitting under the tree in the floppy hat, sun glasses and SPF 150+, desperately trying to avoid contact with those deadly rays. It’s not […]

Bikini bridges, squat challenge, box gaps and other shit you’ll never do again

If you say you haven’t seen the Instagram pictures, scrolled through the pinterests or read about it on a forum you are either living under a rock or dead. And either way you are probably so thin that if you look down you’ll have a bikini bridge and a box gap of your very own. […]

The 3 products every girl should have in the cupboard

Being beautiful, fit, healthy and just plain stereotypical girly is the crux of female existence. It’s also the biggest pain in the butt because even the most tomboy, don’t-care-what-anybody-thinks girls will still want to look and feel good sometimes. And if you turn to your best friend or mother for advice on how to get […]