Some grains for a coin? I can do that

My teacher brain has kicked into first gear this year; whole lotta spinning and I’m not getting far. Or at least that’s how it feels when I’m tired and the assignments are stacked against me higher than the odds of getting my dream job first year out in 2019. So in the midst of one […]

Good signs for the future

As a PST starting her final uni placement there are two thoughts constantly running through my head; how much coffee can I safely consume in one day and how am I ever going to be ready to graduate. Honestly I don’t know the professional answer to either question. I’ve been doing all the necessary organisational […]

The cost of the yogi lifestyle

I think I was about 16 the first time I took a beach towel to the backyard and attempted my first sunset flow. It was haphazard and slow and mainly involved me staring at the grass and scrolling through one of those Livestrong articles like ‘it could be yoga but it’s really just google images […]

Communication Anxiety

Why was there not a class at school called “How to Make a Phone Call and Sound Like a Human and Not an Anxious Moron?” I would really like to know why the government did not see fit to chuck that into the curriculum at any stage. Nowadays I pick up the phone and my […]

Baby steps? More like big giant man steps?

The day I found out my friends online profile had vanished because he’d up and left for another country I cried with panic. For his life, for my life, for the world. It seemed such an amazingly huge thing to do, I couldn’t fathom it. How did you begin to process someone making that kind […]

The Four Types of Authors

It’s probably a pretty reasonable estimate that you will have encountered at least one writer-type in your lifetime. If you’re reading this then you definitely have. (I count for about two or three different types). And I’m not talking about fiction writers or people who spend their lives obsessing over things and writing obscure poetry […]