E noho rā Australia! Your girl is NZ bound

Dear Diary, It’s been months of planning, booking, emailing and watching my bank account yoyo harder than fake boobs on a trampoline. Finally, sometime in late September, I took a step back and realised I was done getting stuff organised. The trip was locked in. My 800 words experience was about to begin. So I […]

Say yes. And if you can’t, at least say maybe.

When I turned 18 I swore to myself that I’d start living life to the fullest. But I didn’t. I went to a handful of parties, scraped my way through year twelve by the fingernails and ended up at university in 2015 so disengaged with my own existence that I began to believe I had […]

Fiji isn’t all beaches and palm trees. They have giant millipedes too.

I was so excited to be landing in Melbourne that I took one look at Sarsha and we bolted for the gate. We literally ran through the airport because two weeks is far too long to be away from fluorescent lighting and my cats. Don’t get me wrong, Fiji was AMAZING! but nothing makes you […]

6 weeks left; it’s time to rally.

Congratulations people. We’ve made it to the end (almost) of what is officially being touted as the year that everything went to shit and back. Well done for making it through. Truth be told, I haven’t hated this year as much as I had anticipated. For every gut punch and slap in the face from […]

When did my life go down the crap shoot?

I slept like a baby last night, I really did. Had some interesting dreams about hairy armpits and angry texts. I woke up feeling refreshed and happy and then it hit me. In slightly over a month, I’m turning twenty. I sure as heck ain’t no baby anymore. And I’m a little depressed about it. […]

Pronouns and Inannimate Objects: Signs of Social Conditioning 

Have you ever witnessed that magical moment when a guy is flaunting his car, expensive, classic, probably a fixer-up-erer, and he turns to his mates with a satisfied sigh and says “Yeah, she’s a beauty”. Hit pause on that frame and rewind for me. “Yeah, SHE’S a beauty.” And it’s not just cars. Ask any […]