Say yes. And if you can’t, at least say maybe.

When I turned 18 I swore to myself that I’d start living life to the fullest. But I didn’t. I went to a handful of parties, scraped my way through year twelve by the fingernails and ended up at university in 2015 so disengaged with my own existence that I began to believe I had reached my peak far too young. I knew that university would mean interacting with a whole new pool of people and I was determined to make friends, which I did… eventually. But I had forgotten what it meant to make an effort. I was fed up with my own pattern of behaviour, dodging social events, turning down perfectly good opportunities because I “didn’t feel like it”. I had unintentionally fell into a rut of doing the bare minimum and one day I woke up and felt utterly jack of it.

It has been about 18 months since the day I woke up and swore to myself I would take life by the balls. And the process was easy really. I just stopped saying no.

I would get asked to a uni party, I said yes. Want to go out next weekend? Sure. Interested in helping provide remote villages with access to fresh water? Sign me the eff up! (That’s how I ended up in Fiji). Because nothing says locked in like a non-refundable deposit 😉

By saying yes I began to experience things I had never imagined my old self being capable of. And sure, not all of those experiences are ones I’m like to repeat any time soon- but they all combine to miraculous effect. You start to grow up. You start to believe that you can do things you set your mind to and god knows, you’ll wake up one day and realise your head is full of dreams again because literally anything is possible.

What all this anecdotal drama is supposed to show you is that your life is only as limited as you make it. Don’t allow yourself to become trapped in a rut of your own making, because one day you might find all those doors are locked tight and you’ll be glad for every single one you ever opened wide.


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