6 weeks left; it’s time to rally.

Congratulations people. We’ve made it to the end (almost) of what is officially being touted as the year that everything went to shit and back. Well done for making it through.
Truth be told, I haven’t hated this year as much as I had anticipated. For every gut punch and slap in the face from life, an opportunity arose that made it all feel a little better.
My friends’ wedding was a wonderful success, and the Mrs has an oven all full of buns and I couldn’t be more excited (and glad that it’s not my oven). That little bundle of joy cooking away is a pretty good sign that things are on the up and up for 2016.
And I know, I know- Trump is in the big seat and Britney’s Vegas res is almost up. Taylor hasn’t surprised us with any magical new albums to live our lives by and Lemonade went flat faster than, well, lemonade. It’s been a long slow slog.
But we’ve had some laughs right? A laugh at least? Good.
I know I have had a good laugh at myself several times in the last week. Because it’s nearly summer and that means I’m supposed to have been working on my summer body for months (!) #woops right? So I bought some mixed nuts and started practicing my yoga asanas again in the vain hope that three weeks was enough time to develop abs. That’s a thing right?
Either way I’m pretty happy because keeping my pale body indoors and away from humanity means I can hibernate. And pray that I wake up in 2017.
But six weeks is plenty of time to get some really good shit done and turn this year around. I have faith in humanity. Faith in karma. Faith that it can’t possibly get much worse and that logically good things must be on the horizon.
And if not? Well there’s always next year eh?
PS: Good luck to all the year twelve munchkins getting their results soon. You think this year was bad, just wait 😉


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