Baby steps? More like big giant man steps?

The day I found out my friends online profile had vanished because he’d up and left for another country I cried with panic. For his life, for my life, for the world. It seemed such an amazingly huge thing to do, I couldn’t fathom it. How did you begin to process someone making that kind of decision at 19 or 20?

A few short months later I was asked to fill the shoes of one of the bridesmaids in another friends wedding. Together they have an average age of 19 as well. Looking at my little sister across the room, blowing out her eighteenth birthday candles, I couldn’t help but feel slightly overwhelmed by what’s happening around me.

There are engagements being announced left, right and center. I attended my cousins wedding, and whilst a lovely bride she did make, she looked half a child standing across from her fiancé. Scroll through my Facebook any day of the week and you’ll find a new young couple announcing their pregnancy or betrothal. Buying houses, cars, cats. Taking overseas holidays and- oh god the gen Y’s are right. We are chasing the life our parents had to wait all those years for.

But wait a second.

I’ve seen my parents wedding album. And if the certificate can be trusted, I’m already behind the eight ball on the whole marriage thing. Because as near as I can tell, twenty years ago, 20 didn’t seem like such a young age to be starting to get your life together. And whilst I’m all for having big crazy experiences and finding yourself, there are a heck of a lot of people parents, who would testify that finding yourself in the midst of weddings and newborns and big fat rental checks didn’t do them any harm. In fact, they seem like pretty well adjusted people.

Well maybe they are just really good at faking it. But I guess twenty years from now, we will be too.


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