When did the Aussie dating scene get all American?

Ever heard the phrase “I’m seeing someone” and wondered what it actually meant? In American culture it seems to mean meeting with on a regular basis whilst not being locked in to an exclusive relationship. Which is a weird way to date people but it’s been working for them for decades.

Australians on the other hand were always a little more exclusive, seeing someone meant seeing them and only them. But sometime in the last few years, Aussie blokes must have got a taste for the “string ’em along and see” method of choosing a lady and girls got left out of the memo.

I was completely ignorant of what it was like to be a girl in the dating scene in Australia. Mostly because I’m only just old enough to walk into a bar let alone traipse around them on the hunt for manly men to make me their woman. (God that sounds archaic!)

But chatting to a few more experienced ladies let me in on a side of the scene I had no idea existed outside of the movies. It suddenly and without warning became acceptable for blokes to be ‘seeing’ multiple women, and apparently it’s the duty of the woman to have the ‘are we exclusive’ chat. Google “are we a couple” and you’ll find dozens of women who’ve been dating the same guy for months, even a year and are yet to figure out where they stand on his long list of ladies.

I find this seriously unfair, but also super tragic. I hate to think any self respecting woman would see several guys at once (that is how you get yourself a label, ladies) and more importantly how does anyone hope to set up the foundation of a decent relationship when they can’t remember if they are taking Dianne, Tayla or Meg to dinner on Friday?

Girls of the land down-under, if you do find yourself in this situation then there a couple of steps you can take:

  1. State outright that you are looking for an exclusive relationship. How else are you gonna protect yourself from STD’s?
  2. If you think your guy might still be shopping around and it’s been a month or more, then kick his butt out your door. If he can’t already see you are the best on offer then he’s never going to be the one for you.
  3. Ask him straight up if he is seeing anyone before you agree to date him. Because that poor girl might be under the impression she is his girlfriend and that would make you the woman on the side. And you are so much bettererer than that.

Let’s pray it’s a weird phase that guys will give up along with Globe socks and bucket hats. But on the off chance the situation doesn’t improve soon, let’s all agree to move somewhere where the first guy you date is your husband, okay? Some cultures got it sorted.


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