Bikini bridges, squat challenge, box gaps and other shit you’ll never do again

If you say you haven’t seen the Instagram pictures, scrolled through the pinterests or read about it on a forum you are either living under a rock or dead. And either way you are probably so thin that if you look down you’ll have a bikini bridge and a box gap of your very own. If unlike those people you are a normal and therefore can only dream of possessing these supposed ‘great hallmarks of beauty’ then you know what I’m talking about.

It gets in your head. Even though the 30 day squat challenge has been busted more times than my muscles after I convinced myself I needed a summer body in winter, the lingering idea that beauty requires less eating and more aerobic exercise lives on.

The bikini bridge, the concaved space between your hips when you lie down can be achieved by sucking in real damn hard or never eating. Ever. Either way it’s a trend that gained traction in the female body-sphere, and interestingly the male one. A ripped mid section has appealed to men for centuries as a symbol of their strength, but guys and gals alike are making painful attempts towards beyond flat bellies.

Someone explain to me why? I personally have never looked at a corpse and longed for its tiny thighs but apparently the tanned portion of social media is starving and pumping weights to look just like them. But is it worth ending up in the grave next door to achieve this look?

The fact is when you lay down, gravity is suddenly your best friend and kindly pushes all the bits you don’t like into the crevice behind your back and bum. Everyone looks ten kilo lighter sun baking because as long as gravity is on your side, you can actually spend time getting your tan instead of sweating it out at the gym for nothing.


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