When did the Internet get boring?

I had one of those rare opportunities to sit down and engage with our good old friend “Mr Internet” today for free. Gotta love that wifi. But from the second I connected I was hit with a really powerful sensation: I didn’t actually have any thing to do.

See the Internet is fantastic when your desperately need an answer for something or for the two weeks you obsessively watch every video on a bloggers channel (just because you can and not necessarily becaus it’s funny). But what is there to do as a grown up person online the rest of the time?

I became a blogger because it’s more entertaining expressing opinions than siphoning through the 40 billion other opinions on Google to find something entertaining or enlightening. Aside from my study, I pretty much use the World Wide Web to post pictures I have edited to the point of unrecognisable likeness to myself and to chat to my friends.

We have a serious situation here people. The Internet is suppose to be the fastest growing, most fluctuating and progressive space for thinkers in this century and every time I log on, I sit here wondering whether it will use less data to just check my Tumblr feed via the app. And then I log off.

You know things have got serious when the applications you get for free are your main point of contact with his resource, something needs to be done. I recommend some new colour schemes, less dirty pop-ups and more interactive fun buttons. Or at least provide us with some really entertaining free games because even YouTube doesn’t hold the hilarious content it used to. I am sick of the cat videos and wikis. What about you?


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