The Year Twelve Slump

About halfway through the year, you hit it. The big ditch, the dip the sudden and shocking depletion of your motivation to learn anything ever again. My friends were a major source of motivation through this time and one of them eloquently summed up the slump in this post:

“So this time of year, last year I got that Year 12 slump. Yes it’s a real thing and it surely happened to us all at some point .It is that time of year where you go “f#%k exams are looming and I don’t even know what to do with my life or if I am actually smart enough to get to where I want to be”. This continuous thought can really weigh you down and make it really difficult to keep motivated.

To all the kids here doing their Year 12 now, ALL IS NOT LOST! The Year 12 slump will not crush your dreams, I promise! This time is the best time to create some motivational tools to help you get through the rest of year. I know many of them are wanky and require some creative thinking but sometimes it’s just what you need to get out of bed on a Sunday morning and study for a SAC or do an assignment.

Study groups are also another great way to get through this stage of Year 12 because then you can physically see you are not alone on this journey, which can be quite empowering and also a good place to vent about how much you hate VCE or that teacher that gives you heaps of homework.

-You are smart enough.
-You don’t need to know right now what career you want! Seriously, there are 30 year olds in some of my classes at Uni who are still exploring what they want career they want!
-You will achieve your goals, no matter what ATAR you get.
– You will survive Year 12!!

Words of wisdom right there. 

Credit to J. Howell.


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