The 3 products every girl should have in the cupboard

Being beautiful, fit, healthy and just plain stereotypical girly is the crux of female existence. It’s also the biggest pain in the butt because even the most tomboy, don’t-care-what-anybody-thinks girls will still want to look and feel good sometimes.

And if you turn to your best friend or mother for advice on how to get rid of the giant emerging zit on your lower facial sector (chin), or the rash creeping its way up your leg (and god knows it’s nothing to do with shaving), they will probably spend more time examining it and being just as confused as you than actually providing any real advice.

So here is my fix-it list for every itch, scratch, pimple and all matter of beauty-defying ailments in between:

  1. Canestan– It’s an anti-fungal cream, but it kills anything remotely bacterial or infectious too (externally that is, please don’t swallow a tube to get rid of tonsillitis, it really doesn’t work). A rash, itchy spot, infectious looking wound or sign of infection can generally be cleared up effectively with some spot application of this magical cream, or one of its equally effective fungus-fighting friends.
  2. Hemorrhoid Cream– Remember that love bite you had to wear to school disguised by the worlds’ biggest scarf? The swollen zit that refused to become pop-able and instead just ruined your school photos? Bruise you got from walking into a doorframe and the puffy lip from your first real snog-a-thon? Hemorrhoid cream. Because it’s designed for external use in sensitive areas, a small amount goes a long way on anything red, swollen, puffy or bruised to the touch. The brilliant part is that it works relatively quickly and a couple of applications usually halves whatever damage has been done to your precious girly bod.
  3. Nail polish remover– Bad fake tan, nail incident, pen ink on your skin, super glue, fake tattoos: nail polish remover is your friend. Always opt for an acetone free remover, they stink but they work really well and are less harsh on your skin. I’ve even heard a quick rinse with some diluted remover helps to scrub the tell-tale hair dye ring from your scalp and forehead. Bonus points if you carry it around with you for quick use on stains when you’re out and about.

They may not be old wives tales (I’m not even married) but the evidence is there. Trust your fellow girl, I have been trapped in my bathroom cupboard enough times to know a thing or two.


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