“I’m not ugly, I’m just a comedian.”

I hate the stereotype that funny people are inherently unattractive. Hate it. Mostly because around the same time I decided I would never be pretty, someone somewhere started the rumor that funny equaled ugly and all hope for my future was lost.

See, Australians are known for their self-deprecating sense of humor. We would rather take a few jabs at ourselves then bring down old mate Dave for a cheap laugh and that is what makes it so attractive. Aussie women are known for being tanned and leggy, and if they haven’t got that then they must have a cracking sense of humor.

I found the easiest way to make friends was always by being the funny girl. By getting people laughing at/with me (mostly at), it set them at ease and they could feel more confident striking up a conversation. It’s not necessarily an ideal tactic but it works, and that’s why I loved it. Right up until the world decided I couldn’t be known as “the funny one” and be remotely appealing to the opposite sex. Or either sex for that matter.

The ironic thing is that I realized I liked my [now boyfriend] when he laughed at all of my jokes, even the nonsensical, are-you-on-crack jokes. Even I couldn’t keep up with myself. But now it’s got me questioning whether he finds me attractive because of my humor and that alone. Is it possible for me to be an Anna Kendrick and actually look alright too?

As a ‘funny’, I can tell you that I know a bunch of gorgeous girls with whom I can exchange witty banter any day. They know how to have a laugh and put on their eyeliner: it must be a miracle. Maybe I fluked it and found the only people in the world who could pull off both but I think it’s more likely that to an extent, a good sense of humor stems from being comfortable in your own skin. And if that means being a tad on the good-looking side then that makes perfect logical sense to me.

I may not be the next Taylor Swift (stunning) or Jerry Seinfeld (hilafrickinlarious) but as long as I can make friends doing what I do, I would be the funny girl over the model any day of the week.

(Except Mondays, because I could really do with looking a little more catwalk first thing on a Monday. People don’t recognize humor until about midday).


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