How to convince you friends to do things that are good for them: and why this is not peer pressure.

Sometimes it can be really hard to be that friend who can see what is wrong with everybody else’s life and how easy it would be to fix them. If you could just take over their body for a couple of hours then you could totally have them in a way better position.

Take for example that one friend you have who can’t seem to do heir own makeup or pick out a decent pair of jeans. It would take two seconds to make them look fine and I know, I know; appearances aren’t everything. But sometimes they are enough that they get on the goat of your mates and you have to be willing to fix it.

So here are some ideas for how to convince you friends to do things that are good for them, like giving up smoking or learning to wield a hairbrush.

1. Always make suggestions as if you are talking about yourself and your own problems. On occasion this will backfire and your hopeless mate will throw you an intervention party,but typically just bringing something up with a negative connotation is enough to put the idea in the back of their mind. Once they are thinking about it, there is a chance they will look in the mirror and see what you see.

2. Encourage other people to do it before you approach the target individual. This means your little group of people will already be buzzing with positive vibes about your idea by the time it reaches the person it’s supposed to.

3. Don’t tell their mother, father or siblings because if it ends up coming from them, they are just going to ignore it or reject the information they are given because it’s family. And importantly, if they trace it back to you, you are in BIG trouble my friend.

4. Recognise that you may also have the same issue/problem/nose whistle and be the first to fix it. This sets a good example for your friend and shows a willingness amongst the group to take on board their flaws and seek to resolve them, which will be a comforting thought to said friend when they are having Botox injections in their sinuses so sleepovers aren’t the nightmare they used to be.

5. Under and the difference between peer pressure and gently rounding up a bunch of supportive people to coerce your amigo into doing your thing. The big disctinction is that peer pressure targets one person for the sole benefit of the other people. If you are doing something fairly selfless to help a mate become a better, happier person then rest safe in the knowledge that this is not peer pressure if you have to get them drunk and threaten them with your everlasting hatred or shutting them in the car boot, then that is peer pressure and you are a bitch. So there.

But I still love you because it’s hard to be a good person all the time when you are not getting any sleep because your silly friend insists on sleeping on their stomach when they have breathing difficulties and they snore so loud you haven’t slept in months. Take a B Vitamin and follow the above procedure to a restful nights sleep. xx


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